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Renting House in India

Renting houses in India has become a popular business as most people buy properties for investment purposes and give them on rent. Furthermore, buying a house requires a huge investment. Hence, people prefer to rent a home instead of buying a property. But there are certain problems associated with renting a house in India created by both landlords and tenants. These problems are mainly caused by the various property portals in India which show incorrect or listings and provide false information by landlords.

The common problems associated with renting a house in India for landlords include looking for new tenants every few months or years, misuse of the property by tenants, refusal to vacate by tenants, delay in payment of rent or non-payment of maintenance fee on time. One of the most common problems faced by landlords is the refusal to pay rent or maintenance fee. People may lie about their financial background and stability during the screening interview and then later refuse to pay rent. Another frequently observed problem is the misuse of property by tenants. Most landlords feel that once a bad tenant vacates their property, they leave it in an uninhabitable condition which makes it difficult for them to put it again in the market.

It is very difficult to get a good house in a good locality at a reasonable rent rate in India. Hence, some of the problems faced by tenants in India include finding the right home, unaffordable rent, huge deposits, invasion of privacy, rent inflation etc. One of the typical problems faced by tenants is unaffordable rent. Rent is an inevitable payment which acts as a burden on a tenant’s paycheck every month. Secondly, it is very difficult to find the right home which is located near supermarkets, malls, hospitals, and other hubs of activities essential for day-to-day needs and it is also in a peaceful neighborhood. Furthermore, most landlords ask for the payment of a whole year’s rent as a security deposit while transferring the lease. While it highly inconvenient, it’s a common practice and tenants have to abide by this claim. What makes it unfair is the fact that sometimes landlords refuse to pay the security deposit in full amount claiming it is for painting, damage etc. It is clear that there are a great number of problems associated with renting houses in India. House on Rent is a one-stop solution to all your problems. It is one of the best house rental sites in India. We provide you with the finest options at the best possible rates in good localities. It is a one-stop for all your rental needs. Most property portals in India are mainly for sale and purchase on real estate. We, at House on Rent typically focus on rental real estate. We provide a dedicated online market for all kinds of residential property starting from PG Accommodation to Farm House rentals.

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