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By: admin | September 4, 2019 | 3 Comments

Location for Film Shooting

Renting your house for the film or commercial shoots is the best way of making money these days. Not everyone can rent their house for shoots. You must understand the whole process of this service as what can be expected from you and how a production team can find you for renting your house for a film shoot.

Well, if you have never worked in any production company and don’t know a bit of its process, don’t have to stress anymore. Without this information also you can start using your house for filming locations.

Rent your house for a perfect film shoot

Yes, there are many sites online that allow you to display your house location, features, and images from where the director or production team can select your house for a perfect shoot location.

Hosting the first big shoot for you can be an amazing experience. The production companies that you may find online will treat your house as their film set and they are at high pressure for working fast as the making of any film involves a lot of time and money.

How can your property be selected?

If your house is beautiful and reflects the amazing look and feel, then a large number of production companies will be glad to use your house for filming locations. The basic thing is, it should be located in a large area of land and must of lawns and gardens and other things which they require on a film setup.

If your house is a haven of beauty, then no one can stop you from using your house for filming locations and to be on the top list of a great shoot location. On the other hand, if you set up your mind to giving your house as a shoot location, then the question arises how one can be so sure that their house will be selected.

Rent your space for commercial ads or film making

Well, for this purpose, you need to get in touch with a reputed location agency online that can display your apartment or house in the category of “house on rent for film shoots”. Moreover, many people design their office for the best purpose and they get a perfect interior and exterior done.

In many of the commercial shoots and film making, the shots of offices are also required. If your office is suitable for office space filming locations, then you can list your property online for the same.

All you need to do is, send in some of your property pictures and details, if these location agencies find your property suitable and worthy of updating, they list your house or office space on their official website.

From these sites, and production team can select your office as the best office space filming locations for their upcoming commercial ads or films.

Let your office space be shortlisted

Well, there are no set standards available by these online location agencies for choosing the properties for shoots. Different clients share different tastes when it comes to selecting locations.

So if your location has modern finishing or a vintage look, the production house can choose any property as per their needs and requirements.

3 thoughts on “Location for Film Shooting”

  1. snehal Mahajan says:

    I have a fully furnished Farm house at Tahasil Wada, District Palghar available for Film Shoots and pleasant stay. Moreover, the Property is very well developed and maintained to facilitate indoor and outdoor Shoots with three banglow surrounding by 700 trees, good location, mountain view, compounded land near about two lack sqft.
    cellphone 9322881688

  2. Sachin Nale says:

    We want to give our office on rent on weekends or public holidays only for shooting advertise, web series etc.

    Our office location at Fort, Mumbai-400001(Near Bombay Stock Exchanges)

    Total area 6000 sq.ft, lift available.

    Pls call Mr.Sachin for any enquires – 9820446674

  3. G.Vivekanandan says:


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