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House on rent

A day begins with the comfort of a home, the warmth of its walls and the goodness of its feel. A home is what you come back to, looking for respite after a long day of arduous toiling. And when your home is an abode of complete peace and surrender, it makes your day worth lived.

A sizeable number of Indians stay in rented accommodation. And more often than not it is a tug of war between the cost of renting a house and the facilities you would need around it. House on Rent is the first of its kind to bring to you a complete solution, endowing you with the finest options at best possible rates with a one stop shop facility for all your real estate needs. From locating the best schools for your kids in your vicinity, to movers and packers for easy transfer, legal experts for all the registration work, and lots more information that would help you move in to the home of your choice with ease, all on houseonrent.in.

If we look around on all online activities on Real Estate, we will find all vibration and online action is on sale & purchase of Real Estate . All big portals primarily focus on this sale and purchase, resulting in no dedicate effort on residential rentals!

This is where we started our efforts to provide dedicated online space to residential real estate rentals. House on Rent (HOR) is the first step towards the same. This will be dedicated portal for all kinds of residential properties. Starting from a PG accommodation to a Farm house rentals. So tell us what you are looking for and we will bring it to you in the best possible form.

Future Plans :

Real Estate rental business encompasses four major segments: House , Shops , Offices and Warehouses. House on Rent is first dedicated effort for residential properties. Very soon we will be launching dedicated portals for Shops, Offices & Warehouses based on our philosophy, One Portal, One base , One control and One stop shop for customer looking for real estate rental.